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    A broker is a middleman. It's a person or firm that brings together a seller and buyer, then handles the transactions between the two. The broker charges their customers a commission for their services. The broker can represent the seller or buyer, but not both, in the same business transaction. There are numerous types of brokers and I will mention just a few of the most common brokers.


    These are licensed professionals in the financial arena. Both investment brokers and stockbrokers act as middlemen. The investment brokers provide investment advice, research, and investment plans for their clients. The investment brokers tailor to high-end clients and try to meet all their needs and solutions. The stockbroker is a professional that is licensed to trade with securities. A stockbroker usually works on a stock exchange or for brokerage firm. They buys,sell, and trade stocks, mutual funds, and bonds to their investors. These brokers are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and each one of them have a fee overview, so you know exactly what price you pay for each trade. You have several types of stockbrokers, a stockbroker a full-service broker and a discount broker. They all operate differently from each other. Before you choose one, you should do a broker comparison, to find out which broker fits your needs the best.


    A professional real estate person who is licensed by the state to represent sellers or buyers of real estate properties. They negotiate and arrange real estate transactions, from private homes to land, businesses, and commercial properties. A real estate broker is more experienced, qualified, and is held to higher standards of conduct than a real estate agent. This broker can handle, manage, and close real estate transactions. Real Estate brokers had to take more educational courses than real estate agents, and pass a separate state exam for a broker's liscense A real estate broker can work alone or have other agents working for them or with them.


    A person or company that negotiates between ship owners and individuals or companies who need ships to transport cargo across the ocean. They are sometimes called freight brokers or craters. Shipbrokers make up a large part of the global shipping industry. They also deal with selling and buying of vessels for their clients. They specialize in negotiation for their cli ents. The can execute the most complicated of shipping issues. A company usually pay a broker to have the freight shipped for them. The shipping broker is the middle man. The broker than pays a carrier to ship the products, and receive a profit.  

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